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oa.finder — A tool for searching for scholarly publication venues

You have prepared a manuscript and would like to publish it open access in a scholarly journal, but you don’t know exactly what journal, and whether it will cost you anything? Or you would like to publish a book in open access, but you don’t know what publishers offer open access? Then the oa.finder can help you! Select your publication type (journal article – the search function for book publishers is still under development) and your role in the submission process (e.g. corresponding author), and enter the name of the scientific institution at which you are employed.

From over 57,000 journals, the oa.finder will show you which journals are gold open access, what their citation impact is, whether they charge article processing charges (APCs), and if so how much, and whether your institution covers these charges via a transformative agreement or a publication fund. You can filter the journals thematically by subject area and keywords, or search by publisher and ISSN. In addition, information and links relating to open access at your scientific institution are displayed, for example, the open access policy, the publication fund or the repository.

Are you interested in (more) information about the oa.finder, but you don’t have time to participate in the scheduled events?
We will gladly advise you – individually or in groups, by phone or online – on how best to use the oa.finder, and we will answer any questions you may have. It doesn’t matter if this takes 10 minutes or 2 hours. Please contact us!